Thomson has demanded the Office of Fair Trading and ABTA crackdown immediately on misleading pricing in the travel industry.


The Office of Fair Trading said it would take a tougher stance on travel companies that don’t advertise the full cost of a holiday or flight in its promotions.


ABTA has also backed the OFT’s stance stating clear and transparent pricing is part of its Code of Conduct.


However, Thomson – which has taken the lead by removing fuel supplements – is demanding immediate action from both organisations.


Sales director Derek Jones said he welcomed the OFT’s and ABTA’s stance but is “hugely concerned there are no firm timetables for enforcement”.


“All the other major operators are being allowed to bait customers with artificially low prices then sting them with a supplementary charge at the end of the booking,” he said.


“We want the OFT to take immediate enforcement action industry-wide to create a level playing field.”