An insurance company has created a specific policy for DIY holidays in anticipation of a surge in consumer queries through the trade following ITV’s Tonight with Trevor MacDonald on dynamic packaging.

Presented by Judith Chalmers, the programme highlighted that DIY holidays can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than traditional packages but also the lack of financial protection provided for component booked holidays.

The show, which attracted 4.8  million viewers compared to an average of 4.3 million on a Monday night, urged holidaymakers to question their agent or operator on the level of cover provided.

Rock Insurance, which has worked with insurer Europ Assistance to develop a policy covering component booked holidays, said the show would put the trade under further scrutiny when selling DIY holidays.

Managing director Antony Martin said: “Millions of potential customers will have watched the programme and be concerned about these issues. Agents have a responsibility to point out the inadequacies of insurance policies that do not offer protection to component bookers.”

Rock is working with agents and operators, including Holiday Brokers, to integrate its product into the sales process. The policy will pay out for flight cancellations and hotel overbookings or closures.

Holiday Brokers chief executive Steve Endacott admitted on the TV show that the downside of booking a dynamic package is if something goes wrong. He added: “There will not be many dynamically packaged holidays that go wrong but we are looking at selling insurance on our site to cover these issues.”