One in ten British adults has never been abroad on holiday while the number of travellers who have been to more than 20 countries is on the rise.

The disparity is highlighted in a survey of 1,013 British adults aged 16-64 by AXA Travel Insurance. The survey shows that while some Britons are reluctant travellers the average British adult has vacationed in seven different countries, while a growing number of travellers have visited over 20 countries (five per cent) or 50 countries (one per cent).

Based on its findings, AXA claims that 2.9 million British adults have never been abroad on holiday and a further 2.3 million have only been on holiday abroad once, while 1.3 million have visited over 20 countries and 300,000 ‘mega traveller’ Britons have holidayed in over fifty countries.

The survey also suggests that over two million British adults aged 16-64 prefer to eat British food and mix with other Britons when abroad rather than enjoy the local culture. 

AXA’s head of lifestyle protection and household claims Nick Kidd said: “Despite the rise of budget air travel a significant number of Britons have not travelled overseas on holiday. However, we are also witnessing the rise of a new breed of traveller, one that prefers to track down new destinations than return to old haunts.”