A Stena Line poll of more than 1,000 motorists has shown that 63% prefer to travel by ferry to get to their holiday destination.

In addition, 19% of respondents said they choose to travel by ferry because of the freedom to drive around once on holiday.

Other reasons given for choosing ferry travel were:

  • Extra luggage capacity (18%)
  • More convenient for large groups (9%)
  • Low fares (7%)
  • Freedom to travel with pets (3%)
  • Dislike of flying (2%)
  • Proximity to a port (1%)

Stena Line said the number of motorists that dislike flying was set to rise following changes to airport baggage regulations and longer queues relating to extra security measures at airports.

Stena carries more than 17 million people a year, offering more than 30 daily crossings on five routes to Ireland and two daily crossings on its Harwich to Hook of Holland route.