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  • The death toll from Hurricane Felix has risen to at least 38. Henriette has killed seven on its way up Mexico’s Pacific Coast (BBC)

  • There are four confirmed deaths in Nicaragua. Felix has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but the threat from heavy rain remains (BBC)

  • Mexico’s Baja peninsula was hit by the weaker Hurricane Henrietta just hours after Hurricane Felix made landfall in Nicaragua (Seattle Times, Boston Globe)

  • Hurricane Felix has weakened to a category three storm over Nicaragua, but heavy rain could bring flooding and mudslides (Bloomberg)

  • Hurricane Felix strengthened to a category five storm before making landfall on the coast of Nicaragua (Sky News, AFP, Associated Press, BBC)

  • Tens of thousands were evacuated as the storm approached Central America (Times, RTE News, Press Association)


Amateur footage of Hurricane Felix in Aruba


Satellite image

Hurricane Felix satellite picture | courtesy of MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC

Image courtesy of MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC


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