There is an increasing trend for holidaymakers to travel by ferry, according to new figures released for August.

The Ferrystat figures, produced by IRN research in conjunction with the Passenger Shipping Association, show a significant increase in car and passenger ferry travel during this year’s busiest summer month.

The number of cars travelling by ferry from the UK to the continent, comprising short sea routes and North Sea routes, show a 4.6% increase in August and a 2.7% rise in the year to date on last year.

Also up are short sea routes car journeys increased by 9.5% in August and 6.4% in the year to date and passenger ferry travel was up by 5.4% in August and 3.6% in the year to date.

However, ferry travel on North Sea routes alone is down, largely due to the withdrawal of the large high-speed ferry, the HSS, on the Harwich-Hook route.

PSA director Bill Gibbons said: “The boost in ferry travel throughout August suggests many holidaymakers are using ferries as an alternative to travel by air and we expect this to continue.”

Ferry travel has benefits of shorter check-in times, taking a car and as much luggage as wanted at no extra cost, said Gibbons.

The PSA’s revamped information website lists ferry routes and companies from the UK to the near continent.

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