Nearly half of travel agents are dissatisfied with their job, according to research by Learndirect Careers Advice.

The Learndirect results showed that 42% of agents were unhappy in their work and put of 20 job sectors surveyed, only IT specialists were less satisfied with their job than agents.

Across the nation nearly a third (31%) of British workers were also miserable in their office with many stating that being in a ‘dead end’ job through a lack of career progression and challenges was the biggest reason.

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 25% said poor salaries and perks such as holidays were an issue and 23% said they spent too much time behind a desk with no opportunity to meet new people.

Interestingly, more than a third (38%) of workers in the UK waste on average 25 minutes each day doing things other than work including chatting to friends, day dreaming, surfing the net and looking for a new job.

Most satisfied professions 

1 Photographers
2 Scientists
3 Media professionals
4 Plumbers
5 Beauticians
6 Estate agents
7 Accountants
8 Healthcare professionals
9 Builders
10 Chefs
11 Architects
12 Lawyers
13 Mechanics
14 Secretaries
15 Fitness instructors
16 Hairdressers
17 Civil servants
18 Electricians
19 Travel agents
20 IT specailists