Do’s and Don’ts

Do…take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Dozens of companies run day trips to the reef with snorkelling, scuba diving and glass-bottom boats available.

Do…travel from Cairns to Cape Tribulation taking in Mosman Gorge en route. It’s a great mix of rainforest, swamps and beaches.

Do…cruise along the Daintree River to spot crocs, snakes, flying foxes and an array of birdlife. Take the trip from Daintree village.

Do…catch the four-mile long Skyrail, a gondola cableway over the rainforest to Karunda to visit the Aborginal Tjapukai Cultural Centre.

Do…take a trip to Queensland’s vast Outback. Towns worthy of a visit are Birdsville andLongreach.

Don’t take a dip in the Daintree River however hot you may be – it’s full of hungry crocs.

Don’t drive fast in the Outback, particularly in the dark – kangaroos are mown down with extraordinary regularity. No one wants to knock down Skippy and besides, they’ll leave a nasty dent in your rental car…

Don’t wander off the beaten track in the rainforest. You may never find your way out.

Don’t dive into the sea along the Queensland coast between November and April unless you have some vinegar handy. Box jellyfish are prevalent and their sting is potentially deadly. Vinegar dampens the pain…

Don’t forget your sunscreen. Temperatures in Queensland during ABTA ’99 will range between 22C-32C with high humidity, so slap on sunscreen and wear a sun hat.

ABTA diary of social events

Thursday November 25

6am-6.30pm: ABTA White-water Adventure on the Tully River.

7am-4pm: The 23rd ABTA Irish Open golf tournament, Paradise Palms Golf Course, Clifton Beach.

12 noon-6pm: ABTA nine-hole golf tournament.

5pm-10pm: ABTA Ashes, Cairns Oval.

6pm-7pm: President’s Cocktail Reception, Reef Hotel Casino – invitation only.

Friday November 26

7am-4.30pm: ABTA Reef Adventure.

8am-4pm: SABTA Sportugal tennis tournament, Palms Country Club.

9am-4pm: ABTA Rainforest Adventure.

4pm-7pm: Airtours bar, Palm Court Lounge, Hilton Hotel.

6pm-7pm: First Timers’ Party.

6.30pm-10.30pm: Welcome Party, Palm Cove.

10.30pm-3am: JMC Sports Bar, Spence St.

11pm-3am: ABTA nightspot, Reef Hotel Casino.

Saturday November 27

4pm-7pm: Airtours bar, ABTA watering hole.

6.30pm-7.30pm: Chairman’s Cocktail Reception, Australia Club, Reef Hotel Casino – by invitation only.

11pm-3am: ABTA nightspot, Reef Hotel Casino.

10.30pm-3am: JMC Sports Bar, Spence St.

11pm-late: Irish Bar, pier complex.

Sunday November 28

4pm: ABTA Football match. Tour operators against travel agents, Cairns football club.

4pm-7pm: ABTA watering hole/Airtours bar.

7.30pm: President’s Appreciation Dinner, Conservatory Theatre, Reef Hotel Casino – by invitation only.

10.30pm-3am: ABTA Sunday Night Club, The Playpen.

10.30pm-3am: JMC Sports Bar Spence St.

11pm-late: Irish Bar, pier complex.

Monday November 29

1pm-2pm: ABTA watering hole/Airtours bar.

7pm-8pm: ABTA Five Star Club, Cairns International Hotel – by invitation only.

8pm-11pm: Farewell Party, Trinity Wharf.

11pm-5am: ABTA Nightspot finale, The Playpen.

11pm-late: Irish Bar.