Mundi Color Holidays has launched a new initiative aimed at cutting brochure wastage.

Ray Steward, manager of outgoing tour operations at Mundi Color, said the operator is stopping the practice of sending out a couple of brochures to all agencies to ensure they have a reference copy.

In a bid to cut the costs and help the environment, he said the operator will review the amount of business each agency does with the operator and send out a relative number of brochures for each of its three programmes. No brochures will be sent to agencies that don’t do any business with the operator.

He added: “We’ve always sent a file copy to every agency in the past but with around 7,000 shops in the UK, half of them will put the brochure in the bottom drawer where it will never see the light of day again.”

Steward said the operator has drawn up a list of 164 preferred agents who will be sent brochures, while other agents who require the brochures can ring up and order them.

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