Grace Travel in Cranbrook, Kent has become the 28th member of Ethos, the marketing group for agents within Elite Travel Group who want to improve relationships with high-end operators.

Other members have also expressed an interest in joining Ethos. Universal Travel managing director Ian Carey said: “We‘re considering joining – it‘s something noone else offers and luxury travel is the way the market is going nowadays.”

Elite business development manager Bob Phillips said Ethos members would focus on cruising, eco-tourism, boutique hotels, adventure trips and tailor-made holidays.

They will also receive special deals from selected luxury tour operators, including allocations at popular hotels during busy periods. A consumer magazine will be distributed to members in early 2008.

Phillips said: “To win and retain loyal clients we have to meet their high expectations.“

Elite Travel Group chairman Neil Basnett denied claims that Ethos was dividing the consortium. “This is not divisive, every member is a good as the next. This is for people whose business relies on high end products.”

Grace Travel manager Kim Couvret said: “I was intrigued by the idea from the start. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded agents and get some good deals from high end operators.”