The Times

British Airways has come under fire for refusing to reverse its decision about banning surfboards from check-in baggage from next month. The ban will include windsurfing board and sails, hang-gliders, kayaks, canoes, vaulting poles and javelins.

Gulf carrier Emirates is set for a $20 billion flotation on the Dubai stock market.


The Daily Telegraph

The clocks failed to go back at Gatwick Airport yesterday because of a fault in its computer system. The glitch meant arrivals and departures were advertised an hour late, causing confusion for holidaymakers.

The Independent

Air France flights were disrupted for a fourth day yesterday, with striking flight attendants refusing to give in over pay. The walkout mainly affected long haul flights out of the city’s main airports.

The Sun

Thousands of people were evacuated from Alton Towers after a fire broke out.

The Guardian

The last British Airways flight left Zimbabwe yesterday, after the airline pulled its service from the city because of “escalating costs”.

The Mirror

Britain needs a dedicated climate change minister, the Environmental Audit Committee has said. It said a new authoritative body should be created within the Government to drive forward policy.