The over 50s believe the Government is capitalising on concerns about the environment with green taxes, research by marketing group Millennium has found.

A total of 84% of respondents said they would only support efforts to curb climage change if it didn’t inconvenience them, while more than a third felt there was no point in striving to live an eco-friendly life.

The same number admitted they felt the current concern about climate change was disproportionate and scaremongering. However, most admitted that they worried about the state of the world their children and grandchildren would inherit and 92% felt the Government was not doing enough to safeguard the environment.

Millennium managing director Fiona Hought said: “Our research shows the overriding sense of cynicism with which the over 50s approach those attempting to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon.

“Marketers need to be careful their campaigns are not dismissed as ‘cashing-in’ my mature consumers.”