Clubbing capital Ibiza is hoping future promotional efforts highlighting its natural beauty, outdoor activities and gastronomy will attract winter visitors.

Tourism minister Pepa Mari Ribas said the island’s new socialist government was keen to raise awareness of the destination’s lesser-known attractions to lure tour operators outside the popular summer months.

“For the first time we now have a website for Ibiza tourism, which highlights what there is to do here year-round, as well as simple things such as which hotels open in winter,” said Ribas.

“Our focus is the UK, Germany and northern Europe. We believe the season could be much longer, but operators say there is no demand. Low-cost services stop in winter too. If we can get people interested in Ibiza then the industry may have to take a fresh look at us.”

Ribas said Ibiza’s pleasant winter climate made it a hit with older people and families. Similarly, activities such as cycling breaks will be pushed to young people who already know the island because of its clubbing.