G.A.P Adventures, owners of the expedition ship Explorer, have confirmed that 24 Brits were part of the 100 passengers and crew who were onboard when it hit ice in the Bransfield Strait off King George Island.

Standard procedures were followed by the crew with passengers evacuated to the ship’s life rafts and then transferred to the ship Hurtigruten NordNorge which was in the area. The crew are also now on the NordNorge.

Onboard the Explorer were 2 Argentines, 10 Australians, 2 Belgians, 24 British nationals, 12 Canadians, 1 Chinese national, 3 Danes, 17 Dutch, 1 French, 1 German, 2 from Hong Kong, 4 Irish, 1 Japanese, 4 Swiss, 14 Americans, 1 Colombian and 1 Swede.

The families of those passengers are now being telephoned by G.A.P Adventures to advise them they are safe.

Families who have questions about their relatives and friends should contact G.A.P Adventures on +1 800 465 5600 ext. 101.