G.A.P Adventures,  owners of the expedition ship Explorer, has revealed that all passengers and crew, including the captain are safe uninjured and in very good spirits.

They have been evacuated to the Hurtigruten owned NordNorge, which is currently transporting them to King George Island, where it is expected to dock sometime after 5pm GMT. 

 The general itinerary for 19 day trip running from November  November 11 to 29 is as follows:

Day 1 – Ushuaia

Day 2 – At sea

Day 3-4 – Falkland Islands

Day 5-6 At sea

Day 7-10 – South Georgia Island

Day 11-12 – At sea

Day 13-16 – Danco Coast of Antarctica

Day 17-18 – Drake Passage

Day 19 – Ushuaia


There were 100 passengers, including G.A.P Adventures expedition staff and 54 crew aboard the Explorer when it hit submerged ice off its port side in the Bransfield Strait off King George Island,  at  5.24 this morning.