Advantage plans to ditch short-term relationships with suppliers in favour of longer lasting deals.

The consortium says it will aim to increase the length of commercial deals from one to two years to three to five years when it renegotiates agreements with tour operators.

Chief executive John McEwan said: “Our philosophy with business partners is to build longer term relationships. We are not interested in three to six month relationships. We want longer term relationships and you can expect these conversations to increase in frequency on a regular basis.”

McEwan added that the consortium was continuing to grow. Its annual turnover for the last financial year was £2.5 billion and its business travel division turned over £1 billion.

“We are now the fourth largest business travel company in the UK and on the leisure side we continue to be a big player in the mainstream market, which is still substantial and attractive for our members,” added McEwan.

The consortium is also increasingly focused on specialist segments of the market, such as cruise, luxury and winter sports.