David Dingle, chief executive, Carnival UKDavid Dingle, chief executive, Carnival UK

“I believe that, by 2020, the new cruise ships will be powered in a completely different way. It could be biofuels; it could be liquefied natural gas.
By 2020, cruising in an inside cabin without a view will be a distant memory.

I can see the day coming – probably even before 2020 – when a balcony cabin will be the standard cruise option, replacing the traditional standard inside and outside cabin grades.”

Peter Shanks, chief commercial officer, Carnival UK Peter Shanks, chief commercial officer, Carnival UK

“Hello to more than five million UK cruise passengers a year; and goodbye to single supplements.

By 2020, there could be two Queen Mary 2-style cruiseliners operating a weekly Southampton-New York schedule; two going from Europe to the US, Australia, India and China and another two dedicated to the India and China markets.

Two sittings and buffet dining will be things of the past as the number of smaller and more diverse onboard restaurants will have increased significantly. The emphasis will be on healthy eating.”

Nigel Esdale, managing director, P&O CruisesNigel Esdale, managing director, P&O Cruises

“Want a spa cruise? There will be a ship just for you and like-minded people. Looking for a sports cruise? There will be ships designed to deliver that kind of holiday, too.

Greater market size always brings more product segmentation so, by 2020, there will be as broad a range of cruises (and cruise ships) as there is for mainstream land-based holidays.”

Nick Lighton, managing director, Ocean VillageNick Lighton, managing director, Ocean Village

“Ships will become venues for major events. Stars will perform live for 5,000 passengers on one ship but with live simulcast to thousands more on other ships in the fleet.

The technology will also be there for ships to be routinely used for TV shows. The X Factor could become The Sea Factor – at least Simon Cowell would be confined to the high seas.

I expect to see ships modelled on apart-hotels by 2020, full of apartment-style suites used in a variety of configurations from one to eight people.”