BMI has slammed the decision to allow a delay in moving British Airways’ long-haul flights to Heathrow’s troubled Terminal 5.

The carrier described the decision by airport operator BAA as outrageous. BMI is among more than 50 airlines due to switch terminals at Heathrow following the second stage of BA’s move to Terminal 5, which had been planned for April 30. BA and BAA announced a delay until June this morning.

BMI chief executive Nigel Turner said: “It is an absolutely outrageous announcement, done with no thought, consideration or consultation of any airline other than BA.

“The programme and timescale of changes was agreed in joint consultation with all airlines that are geared up to move.

“BAA and BA have shown a total disregard for other airlines and their passengers because of their own shortcomings.”

Turner accused BA of “mismanagement of the move to Terminal 5” and said the delay would materially disadvantage other carriers at Heathrow.