The Terminal 5 debacle has cost two senior British Airways’ managers their jobs.

BA announced the departure of director of operations Gareth Kirkwood and customer services director David Noyes this morning.

In a terse statement the airline said: “The departures follow the airline’s move to Terminal 5.”

BA chief executive Willie Walsh earlier admitted the carrier may not complete its move to the new Heathrow terminal until October. The airline had planned to operate most services from Terminal 5 by the end of this month.

There have been growing calls for Walsh himself to step down in light of the chaos following the initial move to the £4.3 billion terminal at the end of March. BA had expressed utter confidence in a smooth transition ahead of the switch, but subsequently cancelled more than 500 flights, delayed others and misplaced 28,000 bags.

BA said it was looking to appoint a chief operations officer to combine the roles of Kirkwood and Noyes.