Agents at the VIP trade day on P&O’s new cruise ship Ventura gave Travel Weekly their views on the vessel.

“The cabins are lovely, they have balconies and the beds are so comfortable I don’t how I’ll get up in the morning. Our clients are already interested in Ventura and when we go back and tell them about it we’ll sell even more.“
Laura Jones, Gill’s Cruise Centre, Cardiff

“The family facilities on this ship are equal to, if not better than, those of any ship I have come across. Overall, it‘s probably the finest cruise ship of all those I have sailed on.”
Martin Hays, owner, Go Cruise

“We have had a lot of pre-orders for Ventura. The cabin is beautifully decorated and very spacious. Generally, walking around you get the feeling that the ship is very comfortable and spacious.“
Rob Smith, Bath Travel, Bournemouth

“We’re selling huge amounts of Ventura so it’s great to come and see it. I’ve actually booked to go on it myself in December. My initial impressions are fantastic. It’s obviously geared towards children and the facilities are phenomenal.“
Wendy Flegg, Bolsover Cruise Club, Chesterfield

“Each room is tastefully decorated and roomy. Family facilities are excellent and the Cirque Ventura is a great idea. It will appeal to all different markets, from families to couples.“
Donna Mannakee, Bath Travel, Christchurch