British Airways is to squeeze more passengers onto short haul flights.

The airline plans to add two extra rows of seats to its Airbus A320 and A31 aircraft.

This will reduce legroom from 30 inches to 29 inches – less than that of budget rival Ryanair.

The move, which would make legroom the same as easyJet, will create space for an extra two rows of seats to carry 12 more passengers.

The change, due to start next year, follows plans to add a tenth seat to each row on BA’s long-haul Boeing 777s.

A BA spokesman told the Daily Mail: “From next year we’re making a small increase to the number of seats on our A320 and A321 fleet so we can keep fares low.

“Customers fly with us because we offer quality and value in all areas.”

The move follows BA’s decision to stop serving complimentary food to economy passengers on short-haul flights and replace it with paid for Marks & Spencer sandwiches and snacks.