Monarch customers are to be offered free upgrades for being “nice”.

Selected consumers will be rewarded for polite behaviour with extra leg room seats – offering up to 15% more space and with a value of more than £100 for two people – as well as priority check in.

The company’s customer services staff will be allowed to give away a certain amount of free upgrades to extra leg room seats and priority check in every week, subject to availability

The initiative, which covers a total of 10 upgrades or priority check ins a week, comes as Monarch seeks to promote the traditional values of courtesy, chivalry and respect as reflected by its staff in recent TV advertising.

Chief operating officer, Nils Christy, Chief Operating Officer at Monarch, added: “We are often described as the nicer airline and holiday company and we pride ourselves on this.  Our customer services staff are already nice – now they can reward those who are positively nice to them too.”

“Everyone benefits from niceness. Planes depart more punctually, staff and customers are happier and it improves the travelling experience for everyone.”