Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to watch the growth of the cruise sector from a front row seat due to Travel Weekly’s close partnership with Clia and the sector in general.

As moderator of many of Clia’s conferences, I’ve spoken to the leading lights in the industry, and at various events, awards and ship launches I’ve met an ever-growing community of agents who recognise the opportunity the sector offers and are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to seize that opportunity with both hands.

Having observed, chronicled and supported the growth of cruise, it is with a sense of great excitement that Travel Weekly now embarks on another partnership with similar potential for the trade.

When we initially talked to the key suppliers in the touring and adventure sector about working together to build trade awareness and sales, we were delighted with the positive response.

And with 21 of those suppliers signed up as the founder members of the Association of Touring and Adventure Suppliers, it is clear that their commitment to its success is absolute.

One of the key foundations of Clia’s success is the ability of its members to work in close collaboration while remaining fiercely competitive. Everything I have seen from Atas members so far suggests that same approach will be the bedrock of the association’s success in the years to come.

I look forward to taking my front row seat again as Atas and Travel Weekly help the trade embrace another sector with agents at its very heart.