Agents should not shy away from selling high-priced luxury cruises to clients seeking a more exclusive experience, Regent Seven Seas Cruises president Mark Conroy said.

He said: “It takes the same time to sell a luxury cruise as an ordinary one but commission is paid on an all-inclusive price so you earn more.”

Conroy said all agents have potential luxury clients. “Some 85% of Regent clients are not new to cruising. These are people who own second homes or yachts, who always fly first or business class. They are people all of you know.”

He added: “Now that a standard cruiseship holds more than 2,000 passengers it is easy to explain the difference between them and the smaller luxury product.

“Show clients the value of an all-inclusive premium cruise versus hotels and resorts, especially in Europe, and less-inclusive ships.”

Conroy advised agents to go back to their shops and select 15-20 customers from their mailing list to talk to about luxury cruising. He said: “Flatter them by showing you believe they are the right person for a luxury cruise. It sound elitist, but that’s what it’s about.

He added: “Luxury cruisers sail longer and more often than any other cruisers. Show them you are an expert and you will become the most profitable agent in town.”