Heathrow is seeking out UK construction hubs to allow components of its £16 billion expansion to be built away from the airport.

The logistics hubs will pre-assemble components linked to projects related to the proposed third runway before transporting them to the airport.

Heathrow chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, said this method would make the project more affordable and mean jobs linked to the investment would be spread more broadly across the country.

The airport claimed this method of construction had gained traction in the housebuilding sector but had only had a “limited” role in major British infrastructure projects.

Holland-Kaye said suitable locations would have good connectivity, access to a relevant supply chain and strong local skills.

Interested applicants need to apply by July 31, and all applications will be considered by Heathrow.

A list of potential sites is expected to be announced later this year, he told The Daily Telegraph.

Heathrow hopes to have full approval to proceed with plans by the end of 2020 and start building soon after that, completing the third runway in 2025.