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Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce had a speech interrupted by a man who pushed a pie in his face.

Joyce was addressing a business breakfast in Perth when a man appeared on the stage and surprised him.

The man was detained by security until authorities arrived. Police said they were interviewing him in custody, the BBC reported.

Joyce had been discussing the airline’s recent decision to operate non-stop flights between London and Perth from next year.

“I don’t know what that was about,” he told the audience of about 500 people.

Joyce left the stage briefly to clean his face before returning to applause from the crowd.

“Now, if there are any more pies can you get it over with now,” he said.

One witness, Ben Harvey, told Radio 6PR it had not been clear what prompted the incident, describing it as a “bizarre situation”.

A Western Australia Police spokesman said: “We’re currently investigating the incident and interviewing the individual concerned.”