Video has emerged of an abusive passenger shouting at staff and fellow travellers on board a Virgin Atlantic flight which forced the captain to carry out an emergency landing.

Footage shows a flight attendant trying to calm the man after he started ranting at staff during a flight to Jamaica from the UK.

The incident was captured on camera by another passenger who said the man had been drinking free alcohol on board and ignored pleas to sit back down.

The aircraft, which was flying to Montego Bay, was forced to make a diversion to Hamilton in Bermuda so he could be arrested.

Witnesses said the man refused to stand up when the aircraft landed and more police officers had to come on to “drag him off”.

The episode was filmed on May 16 and later posted online, Mail Online reported.

A Virgin Atlantic spokesman said: “We can confirm that on 16 May 2017 our flight from London Gatwick to Montego Bay diverted to Bermuda in order to remove a disruptive customer.

“Our crew are highly trained to handle these type of situations, and responded quickly to ensure the safety and security of customers on board.

“We do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board our aircraft, and whilst these incidents are rare, it is disappointing when a disruptive individual impacts that experience for other customers.”