Ryanair’s website has returned to displaying fares with tax and charges included after several weeks of breaching Office of Fair Trading rules.

The carrier blamed system problems for the failure throughout much of July and its webite carried an apology. It has now replaced two pricing systems and a tax-display module believed to have caused the problems.

The OFT has insisted all non-optional charges be included in fares since May 2007. However, Ryanair failed to comply until the end of February this year.

The airline subsequently experienced difficulties in confirming some bookings and recently had to advise customers to write down booking details and check flight confirmations later.

Ryanair’s website was still not showing tax and charges in fares at the end of last week and warned users of delays in loading web pages. A spokesman blamed the high volume of traffic.

However, the failures prompted speculation among analysts that Ryanair had not tested its systems sufficiently.