Advantage chief executive John McEwan has claimed he was not removed as Triton chairman at a board meeting this morning.

Triton said in a statement released earlier today that it had removed John McEwan from the chair and had given Advantage Travel Centres one month’s notice to leave Triton.

At the Triton Conference in April McEwan took over as chairman and it was revealed the superconsortium would no longer be operating as a joint buying organisation. This raised many concerns among agents who questioned the point of the organisation.

McEwan said at no time during the meeting were “we given notice” and it was mutually agreed that Advantage would leave Triton in four weeks.

He said: “Communications have implied we were asked to leave Advantage and remove me as the chair.This is not what happened.”

“The decision to leave Triton and my decision to step down was an Advantage led initiative.”

In the statement Global chief executive and Global chairman Andrew Botterill said it was an “essential course of action to give clarity to the decision.”

The statement also said it thought it was in everyone’s interest for McEwan to leave immediately.