Members of the Global Travel Group have expressed their anger at the consortium under–cutting them on holiday prices through its direct–sell websites.

A heated discussion broke out this week on Global’s intranet after a member claimed he lost a sale when a customer found a cheaper deal on the Global-owned website

The thread attracted more than 80 posts before Global took it down, saying it was acting on legal advice.

One member, who did not wish to be named, said: “I don’t mind Global having its own websites but not if it is undercutting its own members. How can it expect us to compete when it is offering holidays for £50 or £100 less?“

Mark’s Travel director Mark Hurrell said the websites were not an issue.  “Some agents took exception to the direct–sell websites, but they are there to increase volume for the company. They have always been there–it’s nothing to worry about.”

Triton Travel sales director Andy Freeth said: “We have spoken to the agent who feels he was undercut and dealt with that. This isolated incident was explained and understood by many members.”