Holiday Extras is revamping its website as part of a £200,000 rebranding exercise.

Due to go live in two months, the new site will comprise a consumer area –currently being tested – and a space for agents, which has been designed following detailed research.

The trade area will include a refreshed holiday checklist and a facility for agents to put forward their ideas on further site improvements and to vote on others agents’ suggestions.

A panel of experts in areas such as health, finance and relationships will provide prompts to remind agents how stressful it can be for customers checking in and getting to or from the airport to help them sell the right products and convert enquiries into sales.

The site also boasts a new strap “Holiday Extras remembers what the others forget” as well as a family of cartoon characters, the Hexters, which have already been animated on Thomas Cook’s website – which will be linked to the Holiday Extras site.

Web and marketing director Matthew Pack said: “We have spent a lot of time and effort refocusing on our traffic and agents. Now is a good time to do everything we possibly can to make the site easier to use by stripping out rules and red tape – we’re getting rid of the barriers.”