EasyJet may make a Gatwick-Menorca service year-round after extending the availability of flights.

The route was previously only flown in the summer, with availability from the end of March.

However, the budget carrier is making the route available with a weekly link from February 6, 2018 in a bid to “de-seasonalise” tourism.

It is possible that the route could become available throughout the year if successful, according to the airline.

Fares on the Gatwick-Mahon route start at £30.49 one-way.

EasyJet UK country director, Sophie Dekkers, said: “By extending our summer season between London Gatwick and Mahón we are reaffirming our commitment to sustained growth at London Gatwick.

“We are always looking for new opportunities and to de-seasonalise tourism where we can meet demand for our customers.

“By adding flights to this route, we will provide our UK customers with even more opportunity to visit Menorca and improved connectivity for Menorca’s British expat community.”

EasyJet links Mahon with 12 destinations across its European network in the summer season, with flights to major European destinations such as London as well as Paris, Milan and Geneva.