Only 2% of British holidaymakers worry about remembering to take out appropriate travel insurance, new government research shows.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office found that getting to the airport, going through airport security and waiting for luggage are the biggest concerns for travellers going on holiday abroad

Yet 72% of people aged over 55 plan to travel abroad in 2018 with half of these identifying themselves as having a pre-existing medical condition.

The FCO is advising British travellers to research the appropriate travel insurance options, understand the potential cost of not being adequately insured and to give a detailed and accurate medical history to insurers.

Research shows that:

• The price of travel insurance is the most important factor for the over 55s when considering whether or not to buy it (23%).

• One in 20 have knowingly not declared their medical condition due to the increased cost of their travel insurance

However, overseas emergency medical bills far outweigh the average cost of a policy.

The price can range from £4,000 for medical repatriation aftercare for a heart attack in France to £80,000 for an air ambulance due to a fractured hip in Thailand.

FCO consular director Julia Longbottom said: “Arranging travel insurance should be at the top of your holiday essentials before heading overseas.

“Travellers are losing thousands of pounds in medical bills and their families are having to find the money to help cover the cost or even repatriate them.

“Having the appropriate travel insurance in place will help ensure that you get the support you need, should something go wrong overseas. It can make all the difference and allow you to relax and enjoy your holiday.”