Ten per cent of millennials aged 18 to 24 in the UK are planning to take a cruise next year, according to Abta.

The Travel Trends report published today (Wednesday) by Abta looks ahead at possible trends for 2018 by drawing on market research from the previous year.

The industry this year has made more strides to accommodate millennials than before with Uniworld launching its own youth cruise brand U by Uniworld.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines and MSC have been among the market leaders who have invested in tech upgrades on their ships to appeal to the next generation of cruise passengers.

Sunrise yoga, rooftop bars, international DJs and farm-to-table cuisine are just some of the new elements of the new cruise experience for the younger market.

A spokesman from Abta said: “Millennials are taking more cruise holidays because of the conscious effort made by the cruise industry.

“The over-50s market is particularly important for the cruise lines but they do not want to be seen as only serving that market.

“They are trying to get away from that image – and it is working.”

He stressed the figure was only the millennials planning to take a cruise – not those who had booked a sailing for the year ahead.

“It is a tribute to how well the cruise lines are doing,” the spokesman added.

The report also found 56% of 25-34 year olds surveyed used a travel professional to save time when booking a holiday.

The spokesman added: “The cruise industry is incredibly agent friendly. One of the reasons for that is cruise lines know travel agents have very good distribution.

“The cruise industry relies on travel agents on being experts in that area. Travel agents also know they have to make the most of the training that cruise lines provide.

“Cruise is a very lucrative area for travel agents. Cruise lines pay very generous commission.”