Nicagarua’s tourist board, INTUR, has launched a new campaign to promote the authentic side of lift in the country to tourists.

It wants to promote three main areas: the country’s culture, natural scenery and people and aim to promote small and medium sized tourism companies.

The campaign, which includes a new logo, will focus on sun and spacious beaches; adventure and activity tourism; nature tourism; culture and identity tourism; rural community tourism; agritourism; ecotourism and gastronomic tourism.

It will also promote business travel, health and wellness, cruises and sailing holidays via videos, articles, canvasses, billboards, painted buses and bus stops, stickers, posters, t-shirts, hats, planners and calendars.

Press conferences and press trips will be organised to different destinations within Nicaragua and there will be links with transport businesses and cooperatives, service providers, media and telecommunications companies as part of the campaign.