Tours specifically designed for solo parents and their children have been introduced by Intrepid Travel.

The adventure travel operator says 16% of family bookings were single parents and their children in the year ending September 2017.

Anecdotally, Intrepid is experiencing increased enquiries and requests from solo parents so has added six dedicated tours covering Costa Rica, India, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam.

The company says it is long overdue for the travel industry to cater for solo parent families, where the UK alone has nearly two million lone parents.

The destinations were intentionally chosen to make it easier for lone parents as they could otherwise feel intimidated to travel to them alone with children.

Family trips brand manager, Dyan McKie, said: “You only need to look at family holiday packages widely advertised by the travel industry to see they cater for two parents and two children.

“In many ways this assumption is archaic and doesn’t reflect today’s families. The travel industry caters for so many niche groups but solo parents have been ignored for too long.

“Our existing family trips have been increasingly popular with solo parents as it allows children to bond and form their own friendships, meaning that parents can enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation.”