Scuba diving holidays specialist Blue O Two has pledged that it worldwide fleet of vessels aim to be free of single-use plastics by the end of 2019.

The Plymouth-based operator runs diving holidays in a range of worldwide destinations, including the Red Sea and the Maldives.

The company has already taken some steps by banning plastic straws on all worldwide fleets.

Single-use plastic bottles have been banned on all boats operating in the Red Sea in Egypt.

A spokesman said: “Customers are invited to become part of the solution in fighting the growing plastic problem, and are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottle for their holiday.

“However, reusable water bottles are also available to purchase on board if required.”

The initiative is part of an expanding environmental policy, described as an “enormous project” as it accounts for water bottles through to cleaning products.

“The banning of straws recently, across all the fleet vessels, was only the first tiny step in this process,” the spokesman added.

The company has forged an alliance with other global brands to work with local suppliers, NGOs and government organisations.

“Blue O Two will continue to update customers on their successes and challenges and with their alliance, they hope to lead the way in the diving liveaboard industry in driving down single-use plastics,” the spokesman said.