The Flight Centre Travel Group plans to streamline its land booking systems.

The Australia-based agency is due to release a tender for the supply of its land product management and booking engine systems.

Existing vendors have been invited to participate in the tender.

The company’s Brisbane-based land procurement division will oversee the process, which follows the company’s recent deployment of new air booking systems in some countries.

Jason Hartley, general manager of Flight Centre Travel’s global procurement network, said: “We currently use a range of platforms, including Calypso, Switchfly, Travel Tech, Sabre, Amadeus and Softvoyage, to deliver FIT land and unique package content to our global network of shops, websites and external clients.

“Through this tender process, our aim is to deliver a global land booking and management solution aligned to the company’s strategic objectives of enhancing in-store productivity and making it easier for consultants and customers to transact and interact.”