Collette has appointed Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, daughter of chief executive Dan Sullivan Jr, as its new president.

Leibl-Cote has served as executive vice president of product strategy and delivery at the family-run escorted touring specialist.

At the operator’s Future of Travel conference in Providence, Rhode Island, celebrating its 100th year in business, Leibl-Cote’s father Dan Sullivan named her as president – ensuring a third generation of family leadership.

Dan Sullivan Sr, the father of the current chief executive, bought the company off founder Jack Collette in 1962.

Leibl-Cote has worked at Collette since 2005, starting out in the mail room.

She said: “Family business, for me, means having a deep connection to Collette – it’s in my blood and a huge part of my upbringing.

“I saw my dad’s dedication all through my childhood.”

She recalled helping her father with pricing in his office as a ten-year-old when making the announcement to delegates at the company’s conference.

Leibl-Cote said the “generational shift” will mean Collette “will continue to grow like we did when my dad came in in the 1970s”.

“There’s a openness to our discussion,” she added. “We have a strong leadership team throughout and that’s because everyone is part of the family.

“We surround ourselves with the best talent and we work together every single day to create masterpieces.

“Family businesses are not always easy. But they are tremendously rewarding. I’m excited for the future of the company.”