A mother, who says her five-year-old child was abducted from a holiday kids’ club in Turkey, is reported to be suing Thomas Cook over the incident.

Janet Alexander, 46, from Inverness, said her daughter Rose was taken by a stranger from the club at the Royal Wings Hotel in Antalya.

She said Rose was later found with a woman, walking near a main road within the hotel’s grounds.

Thomas Cook said it was investigating the incident.

Alexander told the BBC she was on a family break at Easter with Rose and her sister Lois when the incident happened.

She said that she left Rose at the resort’s supervised play area so that she could take Lois, aged nine, to a scuba diving lesson.

But when they returned an hour later, they discovered that Rose was gone.

“I was completely distraught, completely. In fact, there was chaos as everybody realised she was missing and started running around and people from around the pool started looking for her,” she said. “I was really quite frozen with fear.”

Rose was found unharmed 20 minutes later in the company of the mystery woman.

The pair were led back to the hotel by a guest, but the woman was never arrested and later left the scene.

Alexander said: “Had Rose even followed her or whatever, you would take a child back, and in my heart I know that there was some sort of unpleasant motive behind this.

“It was hundreds and hundreds of metres away that she had taken her.”

She accused Thomas Cook of failing to respond to repeated calls for help during and after the incident.

“I think it’s terrible that they would leave a family abandoned in a foreign country and not make sure, not only that we were ok, but that the current users of the facilities are ok as well, because obviously I felt the other children that were using the club were then at risk.”

Thomas Cook said: “We are extremely concerned to hear of this incident. We can only imagine how distressing it must have been for Ms Alexander.

“We have a launched a thorough investigation to understand how this happened and we will work with the hotel to ensure it cannot happen again.”

The company said its customer welfare team had contacted Ms Alexander to offer support.

The Royal Wings Hotel denied that an abduction took place and maintained that the hotel’s children’s club was safe and secure.