An agency that had lost the art of selling extras sold more than £4,000 of theme park tickets just days after an Attraction World training session.

Zoe Templeton, assistant manager at the Chapel Allerton branch of The Co-operative Travel, said the shop’s four agents had sold barely any extras since she joined in September, due to a lack of confidence and training.

However, following one-on-one in-shop sessions with one of Attraction World’s agency sales team last month, Templeton made a Florida theme parks ticket booking worth £4,384 for an extended family of 10.

She added: “After the training I got more of a feel for what Attraction World actually does. It is down to your confidence when customers come into the branch, and the training really helps.”

Attraction World will return this month to train the other staff while Templeton hopes to organise more long-haul training.

Attraction World sales and marketing director Tony Seaman said: “One of the last things that should go [during a downturn] is training. This is a clear example of that.”