Traveltek, Kilbride

The offering: An online dynamic packaging system including cruise products feed and client relationship management tools.

Customers: Thomas Cook UK, Monster Travel, Hays Travel

Latest updates: Plans to release UK product in July, and it has deals in place with traditional UK operators including Hoseasons and Superbreak. It recently developed a tour operating product in response to demand from specialist players looking to establish an online presence.


Multicom, Bristol

The offering: The Find and Book system, which enables virtual packages to be built up from individual components in advance and according to market demand, dynamic packaging on the fly and comparison of traditional packages.

Customers: Thomas Cook UK, TUI Travel and the Global Travel Group

Latest updates: More suppliers added to the system including bed banks and Air Malta. A link has been developed to Galileo for global distribution system access. Work is also being carried out on the caching system to improve search times for agents.


Intuitive Systems, Croydon

The offering: The iVector web-based tour operating system has grown out of what was originally an accommodation-only booking engine.

Customers: Lowcost Travel Group, Getabed, and niche operators including Exclusively Canada

Latest updates: Ongoing development to give travel providers more control of third-party content to strip out duplication, improve consistency of information, and allow more dynamic reaction to the market.

The company is also bringing out the latest version of its supplier portal, enabling hoteliers to update information more regularly, as well as giving them access to ancillary products.


Comtec, Cwmbran

The offering: Travelconnect package and dynamic packaging system.

Customers: STA Travel

Latest updates: Consumer edition enhancements in the pipeline as well as improved connectivity to existing low-cost carriers and the addition of carriers. Projects also include enabling the booking of low-cost carrier ancillaries such as speedy boarding, as well as other add-ons including transfers, car parking and airport lounges.


The expert view

Mike Cogan, partner at travel technology consultancy Equinus, offers tips on getting the most out of your dynamic packaging system and highlights some of the pitfalls of the technology.

Many technology providers are facilitators, pulling content together and making it available to book. Small independent agents should talk to their providers to see what more they can do for them.

Agents don’t always know when the technology has moved on, so check what have they got that can help you pull product together and offer a ‘wrapped trip’. If they don’t have anything, ask their competitors the same questions.

The ability to access a range of products and travel suppliers always looks good on paper, but it can be different in practice. Do the results come back? Are some missing or are there too many?

Sometimes, by the time the agent has waited for a search result, they could have done the search themselves manually. Make sure your provider can demonstrate a solution – play with it, make sure it works. If you were to do the same manually, would you get the same, valid result?

Often, providers are focused on selling a technology solution and may not fully understand how it works for their business customers. Sometimes they don’t provide a seamless experience.

Good dynamic packaging is about excellent stock control, getting the price – and therefore the margins – right, and providing the customer with a good experience.


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