The recession has claimed another travel agency victim with the demise of Miles Travel in Cranbrook, Kent.

The agency, which was founded in the 1960s, ceased trading this week after resigning from ABTA on June 29.

Managing director Richard Loosley said: “This is because of the economic downturn. It had been bad all year, but things got worse in November, and when I got my year-end accounts, it was crunch time.”

The agency was forced to reduce its staff over the past year, but had two remaining when it closed. One member of staff now works for Travelux in nearby Tenterton. “I’m in the process of trying to position the other member of staff with a local agency,” said Loosely.

Any retail claims arising from the failure of the company are being referred to CEGA, ABTA’s claims handing partner 01243 621500.