A partnership between the Tui Care Foundation and Plan International to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth and women has “significant potential” to expand further.

The travel group’s education and training foundation and the humanitarian organisation are working on far-reaching programmes that build on the strengths of local communities and their people, as well as on the potential offered by the growing tourism sector.

The joint projects cover diverse issues depending on each individual location, from rehabilitation of the ecosystem to providing job opportunities for young people.

Projects are adapted to meet the needs of each community following the goal of ‘working global and acting local’.

Collaborative education and training projects are already underway in the Dominican Republic and Vietnam.

The core aims behind the joint work will remain the same in each case – improving collaborative social structures, building capacity in local communities, providing opportunities for younger generations and especially strengthening the role of girls and women in society.

Tui Care Foundation board of trustees chairman Thomas Ellerbeck said: “Together with Plan International we are working to empower local communities in destinations around the world.

“We intend to make a lasting difference, by providing young women and men with the tools they need to build the self-determined future they cherish.

“By unlocking the talent in the younger generations, we can help to build thriving communities.”

Kathrin Hartkopf, director of German-based Plan International donor foundation Stiftung Hilfe mit Plan, added: “To foster these talents in these young generations sustainability is a key driver in all our joint projects.

“We are not only giving youth the chance of a decent education and job opportunities, but also strengthening the local community and their economy.

“We want to make sure that children, youth and their families benefit from the joint engagement of the Tui Care Foundation, Plan International and Foundation Hilfe mit Plan also in the future.

“We are looking forward to growing our partnership with the TUI Care Foundation, to be able to make a real and long lasting change in children’s lives.”