A digital marketing agency targeting burgeoning numbers of Chinese tourists has been set up by former Thomas Cook boss.

Richard Raperport, who led Cook’s media and partnerships destination partner marketing and destination development, aims to target Chinese millennial and ‘generation Y & Z’ travellers to destinations worldwide.

His new company Ardor will be positioned to design and implement marketing strategies that align with Chinese consumer behaviour.

It will run dynamic creative and content campaigns across China’s digital and social media.

As many as 148 million millennial and Generation Y & Z tourists are forecast to travel from China by 2025 with 72% of decisions being made by what they see on social media.

Founder and CEO Raperport said: “Following seven years at one of the world’s leading tour operators, not only did I develop a passion for travel, I directly understood the importance of what in-bound tourism means to national tourist organisations.

“In my last 18 months, I led the launch of Thomas Cook’s M&P division in China, giving me the knowledge required how to deliver tangible success in China’s complex travel market.

“Combined, I knew I had an opportunity to help tourist boards, hotels, air and cruise lines make positive change in an industry who are positioning China as a tier one source market”.

He added: “Every destination has a story to be told. And on behalf of our clients, it is important we tell the right story to an audience who is profoundly listening,”