More than three million plastic water bottles a year are to be abolished from Oceania Cruises’ ships.

The line will provide passengers with re-usable bottles for water from the summer.

The first phase of the green initiative will see the company’s ships gain still and sparkling water distillation systems from April.

The Vero Water service is used by luxury hotel chains such as Ritz Carlton and Hyatt.

Installation of the Vero Water systems will ultimately eliminate an estimated three million plastic bottles per year, according to Oceania Cruises.

The initiative will be implemented in two phases.

The first involves implementing the on board water service in suites, cabins, restaurants, lounges and bars which will start in April and is expected to be completed by mid-June.

The second stage will see passengers given their own re-useable Vero Water bottles to keep in the second half of 2019.

Oceania Cruises’ president and CEO Bob Binder said: “By introducing Vero Water to the Oceania Cruises experience, we are not only taking a quantum leap forward environmentally, we are providing our guests with the gold-standard of still and sparkling water.”