Families are “less sensitive” to cost when looking for a holiday to mark a landmark occasion.

Alistair Pritchard, Deloitte UK lead partner for travel, urged cruise-selling agents  to target the family market which is predicted to grow by 4.6% annually until 2022.

Pritchard said: “For a cruise holiday, the price point can be a bit higher than some land-based holiday options, but if you focus on occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries, people are much less sensitive to price.

“Targeting customers who are thinking about those big family occasions can work really well in getting them into cruise.”

Globally, 300 million families took a holiday in 2017 and that figure is expected to grow to 376 million families by 2022, according to research commissioned by Deloitte.

“Families are a very popular group for taking holiday which is very good news for you,” Pritchard added.

Pritchard said the days of families walking into travel agencies on Saturdays and booking a holiday were “gone”, as now more people are involved in the decision.

A child’s opinion affects 87% of parents when deciding on a holiday, Pritchard added.