Heavy snowfall has caused delays or cancellations from some UK airports, with Gatwick Airport worst affected.

Up to 20cm (8in) of snow fell in counties including Kent, Essex and Sussex yesterday and overnight. More snowfall is expected today, with the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings for heavy snowfall in London and the East Midlands.

Gatwick Airport has now reopened after a 7-hour closure and the first few flights are beginning to take off.. A spokesman said: “Our priority is to get outbound flights taking off and clear the backlog from this morning. Six to 10 centimetres of snow fell overnight and our teams have done well to get it cleared.

“We have had to cancel 25 flights and Easyjet has suspended all flights from Gatwick until 11.15am.”

All flights from Luton Airport have been suspended until 10am, with 14 short-haul and domestic flights cancelled. Heathrow’s runways are open and flights are operating with some delays. Stansted is running normally with a few short delays and the Stansted Express is running a reduced service.

Passengers are advised to contact their airlines for more information.