E-Clear is due to appear in the High Court tomorrow (Tuesday) over an alleged £20 million it was withholding from failed Scottish airline and operator Globespan.

Administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) argues that £20 million, out of a total of £35 million held by E-Clear, was money from customers who had already taken their holiday and should have been paid back to the airline. PwC has filed a petition for the winding up of the firm.

If the order is successful, E-Clear could be put into administration immediately. However, it is thought the hearing could be adjourned as E-Clear is still negotiating with the administrator.

PwC had previously asked E-Clear to pay the money into a joint account, but the company has refused.

An E-Clear spokesman said: “We have acted at all times within the rules and we do not see why we should put money in an account when we have done nothing wrong.”

The credit-card processing firm is already facing a lawsuit from Canadian operator Go Travel. Founder Hugh Boyle has instructed a firm of solicitors to go through legal channels to chase £300,000 owed to him.