The gender pay gap at a number of travel companies has widened compared to last year.

Travel Weekly looked at a number of travel companies mean pay gap, which compares the average hourly wages of female and male staff.

There were also a number of travel firms which have reduced the gap.

Companies reporting a wider pay gap include easyJet, British Airways, Thomas Cook retail, Travel Republic and Gold Medal.

EasyJet’s pay gap is 54%, up from 52% last year and BA’s has increased from 35% to 40%.

Gold Medal has reported a pay gap of 24%, an increase from 18% last year and Travel Republic’s is 35%, up from 30%.

Thomas Cook’s pay gap in its retail division is just over 14%, fractionally above what is was last year.

Companies, charities and public sector departments with 250 employees or more had to submit their gender pay gap figures by April 4.

The first set were based on a snapshot taken in April 2017, and the most recent data relates to April 2018.

Tui, which submitted its gender pay report in February, reduced its gender pay gap for retail staff from 10% to 3.8%.

Travel 2 has almost eradicated any gender pay gap reporting a difference in average pay of only 0.8%, compared to 21% last year.

Jet2holidays also reduced its gap from 20% to 16%. Its airline business improved marginally from 53.5% to 51%.

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Tui reveals significant gender pay gap

Thomas Cook21.4%22.1%
Cook retail14.2%13.8%
Cook Airlines52.2%54%
Tui retail3.8%10%
Tui Airways56.8%57%
Gold Medal24.3%18.2%
Travel 20.8%21.2%
Dawson & Sanderson0%0%
Travel Counsellors29.5%32.8%
Travel Republic35.2%30.2%